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E. C. Recycling

E. C. Recycling is a recycling company ran out of Tulsa County.


Starting a Trillion Dollar Industry
E.C. Recycling has been committed since its inception to transform the recycling industry from a $9.4 billion industry into a trillion dollar industry alongside tech and stores. See how we will accomplish this here.


E.C. Recycles 1500 aluminum cans
150 plastic bottles
2000 sheets of paper
75 glass bottles
And it grows every day…


E.C. Recycling was founded on June 13th, 2022 by two thirteen year olds Cassius Clark and Evan Carroll. The original idea was to collect peoples aluminum cans and give them money in exchange. Quickly they found out that that would be inefficient as the people wold only receive a few cents in exchange.

When something is important enough to you you’d do it even if the odds aren’t in your favor

Elon Musk

E.C. Recycling has

Employed 3 people, recycled 1500 cans, 200 plastic bottles, 500 sheets of paper, 75 glass bottles, recycled 55 pounds of recycling.